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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Burton Green Open Gardens 2017

Burton Green Open Gardens 2017 event will be held on Sunday, 2nd July from 12 noon until 4pm.

Ten gardens will be taking part covering a total distance of 1 mile within Burton Green.

Houses taking part will be visually marked with balloons and bunting.

Collect your entry map from any garden taking part. Also includes Children's treasure hunt at all of the gardens.

Refreshments, book sale and plants are for sale at Oakwood near Moat Farm on Hob Lane.

Donations of 'gardening/countryside/cookery' books and plants are needed. Either deliver to Oakwood on Sat 1st July or the  morning of 2nd July and we will arrange collection.

Cake donations are also welcomed.  Contact Diane direct on  02476466558 / 07970236944

Toilets and car park open at the Village Hall. NO Dogs please.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Hyperloop - Another Reason to Scrap HS2

Updated (18/06/17) with new details about the Northern Arc (details further down the page).

This is yet another good case for scrapping and rethinking HS2.

There is a report that Elon Musk is planning to build a very high speed transport system between London, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland. The system is known as Hyperloop. It would operate at 1,000 km per hour. The journey time between Birmingham and London would be 14 minutes. It is claimed that this can be built at one tenth of the cost of conventional high-speed rail.

The system is claimed to be faster, safer, cheaper, and use less land, than conventional high-speed rail.

Recent report in the Daily Mail:

Also under consideration, by the Department of Transport, is a second Hyperloop route termed the Northern Arc, linking key cities in the North of England:

More about the Northern Arc here:

These two videos have been produced by BMW Germany:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Possible Building on Westwood Heath (Procedural Clarification)

This clarification, of some issues concerning the planning consultation process, has been obtained, from Warwick District Council, by Councillor David Skinner (Westwood):
"When a new planning application is received, neighbour notification letters are sent to immediately adjacent properties (and / or in this case properties on the opposite side of the road) and site notices posted in public places, such as along the road, advising people that the application has been received and providing the contact details and e-mail address of the case officer assigned to the application. Until an application is received and a file generated to hold comments and objections, it is not necessary for people to contact the council, as there would be no clear way of logging their concerns against the correct application. As soon as an application is received, people can submit their comments directly to the case officer. 
People who don’t immediately abut the site should keep a close eye out for planning site notices on the public highway. Local parish councils and Warwick DC ward members (Abbey Ward) will be also advised when an application is received.
Until we have the inspector’s formal report into the Warwick District Local Plan, the site remains in green belt and as such any application that is received would be considered to be contrary to green belt policy and is likely to be refused. As we don’t yet have a clear date for receipt of the report, any application that was submitted now would be considered in this light."

Friday, 16 June 2017

Green Leek Run 2017

Registration for the Green Leek Run 2017 is now OPEN.

Preparations for the second Green Leek Run are fully under way and registration is now officially OPEN for this community event taking place on Sunday 8th October 2017.

This unique multi terrain run starts at Burton Green School and follows a beautiful countryside route to finish at the Warwickshire, opposite All Saints School in Leek Wootton. Officially tricky to accurately measure the distance, the race is approximately 10.5km ish! Full details of how to register can be found on the website www.greenleekrun.co.uk and regular updates will be posted there.

This is a fabulous community event and if you can't run, there are many opportunities to get involved – we need sponsors, marshals and people to help with a vast range of jobs; from helping with hospitality through to litter picking!

Registrations are already flooding in so don't miss out, register today and get involved.

Details of the 2016 event are here:

Friday, 9 June 2017

Ovo Energy Women's Tour Crash at Westwood Heath

The Ovo Energy Women's Tour visited Warwickshire on Friday morning, and passed along Cromwell Lane and Westwood Heath Road.

I decided to take some photos from the same spot that I used last year, not realising there would be a nasty accident at the bottom of the hill.

The accident happened very quickly. In the video you can see some riders veering off down Bockenden Road, and one girl lying in the road on the left, and at the same time a bike wheel appears thrown up into the air in the centre of the group.

One girl, Alena Amialiusik, was treated at the scene for about 15 minutes, and left in an ambulance.

These images were from the ITV coverage, taken from a motorcyle following behind...

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bugle - June 2017 Edition

The June 2017 edition of the Bugle has been published.

Just below are thumbnails of the page images. To enlarge any page image, click on the thumbnail below. Once you have the individual page, you may also need to click on the magnifying glass in your browser, where you can view the page at its original size...

The text of the Chair's Report has also been added to the Residents' Association page,

The archive of back issues of the Bugle is here: Bugle Archive.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

A46 Link Road

The West Midlands Combined Authority has produced a planning document outlining transport planning for the next 10 years. Of local interest is the previously proposed A46 link road.

The new document refers to "Enhanced connectivity between the A46 and A45 in order to better connect the growth in Warwick District and around the south of Coventry to the UK Central Hub area and HS2."

The document does not however include any reference to the A452, nor to Kirby Corner, which had both been referred to in previous documents. The only definite statement is the sentence quoted just above.

The document includes a vague map indicating possible routes. One route would appear to run along Cromwell Lane, Station Avenue and Banner Lane...

Detail from the map on page 36, 'Coventry Infrastructure Planning Development Pressure Assumptions', with additional annotation.

The complete West Midlands Combined Authority document (in PDF format) can be viewed here:

WCC's latest thinking on this matter is explained here, under 'Phase 3':
"Phase 3 This phase would fall in Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s area, with a link from Phase 2 of the scheme towards either the A45 or A452. This element of the project is currently at an early exploratory stage. The aim of Phase 3 will be to enhance connectivity between the Coventry and Warwickshire sub-region and the economic opportunities afforded by UK Central in Solihull. It would necessarily be dependent on successful delivery of Phases 1 and 2. Like Phase 2, there is no firm date for the implementation of Phase 3, but the aspiration at present is to see this come forward around 2026 or soon after."
There is an earlier speculative post, based on the original Kirby Corner to A452 proposal, via Westwood Heath Road and Hallmeadow Road, here:

CALA Homes Presentation

CALA Homes are inviting local people to comment on proposals for a development of 83 new homes at Burrow Hill Nursery.

A community consultation event is being held, where representatives from CALA Homes and their specialist consultants will be on hand to discuss the proposals and answer any questions you may have.

This will be your chance to have your say on the proposed development before a planning application is submitted to Warwick District Council.

The event will take place at the Village Hall on Wednesday 7th June 2017, 1.30pm to 6.30pm.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cyber Attack - Police Message

Message sent by
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Following the Ransomware cyber attack on Friday 12 May, which affected the NHS and is believed to have affected other organisations globally, the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has issued an alert urging both individuals and businesses to follow protection advice immediately and in the coming days.

Ransomware is a form of malicious software (Malware) that enables cyber criminals to remotely lock down files on your computer or mobile device. Criminals will use ransomware to extort money from you (a ransom), before they restore access to your files. There are many ways that ransomware can infect your device, whether it be a link to a malicious website in an unsolicited email, or through a security vulnerability in a piece of software you use. 

Key Protect messages for businesses to protect themselves from ransomware:
  • Install system and application updates on all devices as soon as they become available.
  • Install anti-virus software on all devices and keep it updated.
  • Create regular backups of your important files to a device that isn’t left connected to your network as any malware infection could spread to that too.
The National Cyber Security Centre’s technical guidance includes specific software patches to use that will prevent uninfected computers on your network from becoming infected with the “WannaCry” Ransomware: https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/rW64Bh0Z1VIr

 For additional in-depth technical guidance on how to protect your organisation from ransomware, details can be found here: https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/ZOVWBIKvQaFl

 Key Protect advice for individuals:
  • Install system and application updates on all devices as soon as they become available.
  • Install anti-virus software on all devices and keep it updated.
  • Create regular backups of your important files to a device (such as an external hard drive or memory stick) that isn’t left connected to your computer as any malware infection could spread to that too.
  • Only install apps from official app stores, such as Google’s Play Store, or Apple’s App Store as they offer better levels of protection than some 3rd party  stores. Jailbreaking, rooting, or disabling any of the default security features of your device will make it more susceptible to malware infections.


Fraudsters may exploit this high profile incident and use it as part of phishing/smishing campaigns. We urge people to be cautious if they receive any unsolicited communications from the NHS. The protect advice for that is the following:
  • An email address can be spoofed. Don’t open attachments or click on the links within any unsolicited emails you receive, and never respond to emails that ask for your personal or financial details. 
  • The sender’s name and number in a text message can be spoofed, so even if the message appears to be from an organisation you know of, you should still exercise caution, particularly if the texts are asking you to click on a link or call a number.

Don’t disclose your personal or financial details during a cold call, and remember that the police and banks will never ring you and ask you to verify your PIN, withdraw your cash, or transfer your money to another “safe” account.

If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, please report it to Action Fraud at https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/meWgBFNOQlIv

Monday, 15 May 2017

Draft Minutes of Residents’ Association Committee Meeting May 9th 2017

These draft minutes will need to be agreed at a subsequent committee meeting before they become final minutes.


The meeting was preceded by a presentation to John Whitehouse to mark his retirement as a Councillor and in recognition of his tremendous service to and interest in Burton Green and our community.

Dianne Adams; Andy Gibbs; Trish Hancock; Janet Hickinbottom; Rona Taylor; Faith Ward and Mary Webb.

1. Apologies

Apologies had been received from Diane Swindells; Judi Hibberd and Cllr Caryll Green

Summary of actions following the meetingResponsible
Request 50% of Bugle printing costs from PCJudi
Find out availability of Salvation Army BandJudi
Dementia leaflets to be obtained and distributedMary
Arrange Bugle distributionMary
Letter of thanks to Deirdre for sign refurbishmentRona
Include in Bugle information for residents to sign up to Village Email LoopMary
Greenway Trust to be consulted regarding problems of access and need for notices about taking home litterHilary
Book Village Hall for afternoon and early evening Saturday November 10th 2018Hilary
Mobile toilet hire for Jubilee Group eventFaith and Dianne
Bugle item about HS2 compensation packagesAndy
Payment of insurance premiumDianne
Future agenda item re bulb plantingRona and Judi
Minutes on Burton Green website to be published as draftJanet

Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting of March7th 2017 were approved. 

Matters Arising from the previous minutes

  • Approach PC for full costs of Bugle printing. The matter had been discussed with the Parish Council who felt the full cost was too much to fund and queried what the subscriptions to BGRA were intended for.  Ultimately the Residents' Association agreed they would continue to apply for 50% of the costs from the PC and to carry on with the collection of subscriptions. A request for 50% of Bugle costs would be made. Action: Judi
  • Invite community beat officer to meet with BGRA and PC representatives to discuss parking problems. At the Community Forum the police had agreed to add this to their priorities so there was no further need to arrange a meeting.
  • Find out availability of Salvation Army Band for commemoration event in 2018. Carried forward to next meeting.  Action: Judi
  • Copies of dementia leaflet and article for next Bugle.  Action: Mary
  • Invite a speaker about dementia to the Residents’ lunch. A speaker about the fire service and community assistance had been booked by popular demand at the next lunch on June 16th.
  • Begin collecting subscriptions and selling bin stickers. Mary would arrange this to coincide with the distribution of the Bugle at the end of May. Action: Mary
  • Donation to choir. The £50 donation had been made.
  • £200 loan to Jubilee Committee. This had not yet been required.
  • Query replacement road sign Cromwell Lane. Andy Gibbs and Deirdre Vernon had carried out removal, cleaning, repainting and repositioning of the sign. Rona would write to thank Deirdre. Action: Rona
  • Publication of village loop information. Mary would include this in the next edition of the Bugle.  Action: Mary
  • Broadwells Wood hedge reinstatement query. Cllr Green was unable to attend but had reported as follows:
Regarding the hedge at Broadwells, I have spoken to the enforcement planning officer at Warwick District Council and he is supposed to come back to me having unearthed the documents.  He told me over the phone that requirements to reinstate a hedge are comparatively rare and depend on the type of hedge.  He is going to look it up to see if there was a stipulation on the planning documents. If any of the res Assoc members has a document which shows that reinstatement was insisted upon, I would be glad to see it.
It was stated that Cllrs Coker and Illingworth agreed there was a document containing this information. Subsequent to this report, it was believed a new hedge of whips had now been planted.
All other matters arising were to be part of the agenda.

2. Treasurer's Report

A report had been circulated. Since the last meeting, expenditure had comprised £50 donation to the choir; £70 for the painting and frame as the gift to John Whitehouse; £170 Bugle printing costs.
Income consisted of £1.50 from the sale of bin stickers and £30.63 profit from the most recent lunch event.

Thanks were given to Dianne. 

3. Residents' views/concerns

  • Water pressure: Nick Hogue was still pursuing residents’ concerns on this matter. Residents with water pressure problems in their homes were asked to inform Nick Hogue but at the same time to continue to report to Severn Trent. Thanks were expressed to Nick. A comment had been made by a representative of the Village Hall committee member who had attended a meeting with Crest Nicholson builders that the construction of housing developments on Westwood Heath Road would have further impact on water pressure.
  • Hilary agreed to raise with the Greenway Trust committee the problem of access to the Greenway at various access points. Action: Hilary
  • The Retired of Burton Green lunches continued to be popular and those involved were thanked for organising the event in March.
  • Two meetings with developers were to be held at PC meetings on May 15th (Cala Homes) and June 19th (Crest Nicholson.)
  • A community clean up had been held on March 19th and thanks were given to those who had taken part. Litter and dog poo bags remained a problem on the Greenway. Hilary would suggest to the Greenway Trust that notices were erected asking people to take home their litter and dog poo bags because there was no one with responsibility for removing these items. Action: Hilary

4. Update on and discussion of Residents' Association initiatives and issues

  • Commemoration of Nov 11th 1918 – ideas for community event. Some discussion took place and it was decided an event was best held on Saturday November 10th 2018 for the afternoon and early evening. Judi would be asked to book the Village Hall. Action: Judi 
  • Ideas included a singer of WW1 songs whom Hilary had met. Action: Hilary
  • Jubilee Group: June 19th event. Flyers were being distributed. There was not a great deal of arranging to be done. Faith had arranged mobile toilet hire and Dianne would sort out the payment charge of £144. Action: Dianne and Faith
  • Chevrons in Hob Lane had been damaged in a recent accident. Residents had contacted Solihull MBC without response. It was understood the PC was also following up this issue.
  • Parking on pavements. This had been discussed under Matters Arising. There remained problems at some events at the Village Hall such as the recent Parish Meeting but a resident had asked those parking on the pavement to move their vehicles into the road. Continued reinforcement of the message remained necessary.
  • Feedback from Kenilworth Community Forum. This had been discussed under Matters Arising.

5. Village Hall

There was no report.

6. HS2 Opposition Group

Andy said the only matter concerned the compensation available to residents in a number of bands marked at different intervals from the proposed line. He agreed to write an article for the Bugle. 
Action: Andy

7. Parish Councillor's Report

The situation with the hedge at Broadwels Wood had been covered under Matters Arising.

8.  Any Other Business

  • Insurance. Lesley Tacon had kindly researched insurance renewal premiums.  The cost had increased a little to include the defibrillator. The policy covers not only the activities of BGRA lunches, carol singing, other social events but also the Jubilee Group’s annual event including the portable toilets. It was agreed to pay the increased amount. Action: Dianne
  • Andy felt the defibrillator was a community asset and so costs could be met by the PC. The committee decided it would pay for the insurance but the PC could be asked to pay for replacement pads due in January 2018. Andy recommended the pads which were past their expiry date should be retained separately for use in training sessions.
  • A proposed date of June 26th was being considered for a First Aid refresher course.
  • Emergency services. There had been a delay in the arrival of an ambulance which had gone to Barford in error. It was pointed out that when the emergency services were summoned by phone, the location could be matched to the nearest phone mast but not necessarily to the exact location.
  • Bulbs. A resident had suggested buying spring flowering bulbs in bulk and asking people to plant seven near their homes. A bulb planting day was suggested in the autumn. This would be considered at a future meeting agenda. Action: Rona and Judi
  • Thanks were given to Mary and Hilary for maintaining the flower tubs.
  • Draft minutes. In future minutes would be circulated to the committee after being checked by the chair and would then be sent to John Webb who kindly adds them to his website. It was agreed to ensure the minutes were published on the website as Draft minutes. Minutes had to be agreed at a subsequent meeting before they became final minutes. Action: Janet

9. Date, time and venue of Next Meeting

The next meeting would take place on July 11th 2017.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Westwood Heath Road Housing Proposals

A presentation has been held at the Village Hall detailing the first phase of proposed new housing developments along Westwood Heath Road. The information from that presentation can be viewed in full at the developer's website here:

Once a formal application has been made to Warwick District Council, then the public will have the opportunity to comment on these proposals directly to Warwick District Council.

This map (from the link above) shows the present design proposal:

A summary of all of the other planning proposals affecting the area is here: https://burtongreen.blogspot.co.uk/p/burton-green-planning.html

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Quiz and Cake (Burton Green School) - 4th May

This Quiz event organised by The Friends of Burton Green School is open to the whole community and promises to be good fun.  It's hosted at the school this year. You will be happy to know that your performance in the quiz will not be marked and used to inform your parents about your current performance!

We hope to see you on the 4th May.  Don't forget to send back the form below with your team details/payment.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Burton Green Village Choir 4th Birthday Concert 19th May

Burton Green Village Choir would like to invite you to our 4th Birthday Concert with a selection of home made puddings/ deserts and a complementary glass of Pimms! Please bring your own additional drink and glasses. We are delighted to have "Barbershop Actually" joining us.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Coventry Sprint Triathlon 21st May 2017

The Coventry Sprint Triathlon 2017 will be taking place on the morning of Sunday 21st of May, passing through Burton Green.

The event consists of a 400 metre swim, 20 kilometre cycle ride, and 5 kilometre run, starting and finishing at the Excel Centre in Mitchel Avenue, The event is expected to begin at around 9am. Competitors are expected to start at approximately 1 minute intervals. The entire course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

The cycle route will start in Mitchell Avenue, turn left into Charter Avenue and then left again onto Cromwell Lane. For the first loop it then goes back down Westwood Heath Road, Westwood Heath Way and back to the Excel Centre in Mitchell Avenue.

For the second loop it continues along Cromwell Lane before turning left onto Red Lane and then the Birmingham Road. It then goes up Beehive Hill in Kenilworth before coming back down Crackley Lane / Bockendon Road and turns right onto Westwood Heath Road once again, finishing at the Excel Centre.

The first smaller loop is 5 km, and the second larger loop is 15 km, making 20 km.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

53rd Scout Group Curry Night - 22nd May

Following the successful event which the Berkswell scouts fund raising team ran back in November last year. We are doing another one on 22nd May. Please note you are able to bring your own wine / beer too!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Burton Green Open Gardens - Sunday 2nd July

You may have read in The Bugle that this year an Open Garden event will take place in Burton Green.  This is not connected to the National Garden scheme but is just a few people opening their gardens in aid of village hall funds. This is a reminder to put the date in your calendar.

  • There will be approx. 12 gardens open throughout the village. 
  • Refreshments will be served at several houses
  • Plants will be on sale so please pot up any surplus plants you have and we will collect these just before the event.
  • We will also hold a book sale with a theme of Garden, Cookery and anything remotely relating to the Countryside!  We will collect these closer to the event but if you have any need to donate now, we can arrange collection.
  • A quiz will be held for both Children and Adults as you tour the gardens
  • Parking available at the village hall

Further details about the event will be advertised closer to the day.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

May Day Walk, 1st of May

Residents groups from Burton Green, Duggins Lane and Westwood are collaborating to organise a May Day Walk. There will be two alternative walks. Both walks will commence at 11am.

Route 1 Duggins Lane to Berkswell and return (4.6 miles)

This walk will commence at Duggins Lane. Lady Godiva will be present at the start. At the Berkswell Reading Rooms, there will be a ploughmans and cakes, and an optional call at The Bear.

Route 2 Burton Green to Nailcote Hall and return (1.7 miles)

This walk will commence from the old Peeping Tom (now Hickorys) and walk to Nailcote via the public footpath over the fields. Hickorys doesn't open till 11-30 so there should be car parking space.  You can also use the Hedgerows Nursery site for parking.

We walk 100 yards down Cromwell Lane and turn left, following the signed public footpath.

We go onto the field through gates, following the signed path, and head to the corner entrance to Nailcote Hotel.

The footpath is firm but decent footwear required. It is an easy walk, a leisurely 20 minutes.The Coventry Morris Dancers will perform at Burton Green, after the return, between 1.30pm and 2.00pm.

Nailcote Hall Meeting Point

It is intended that both groups of walkers should meet at Nailcote. Coffee and a cookie will be available at the Nailcote Hotel Bistro for a for £2. There will also be a bouncy castle.

Residents may travel to Nailcote or Berkswell by car if they prefer.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

History of The Peeping Tom

A local resident has recently come into the possession of a set of framed photos of images of The Peeping Tom.

The framed photos had formerly been hung on the walls inside The Peeping Tom, and were removed during the refurbishment in 2016.

Larger images of most of the individual photos and their descriptions are shown below...


The Peeping Tom is an important part of the heritage of Burton Green. The Peeping Tom acquired that name in the 1860s. But a building has existed on that site since the early 17th Century, and possibly earlier. The earliest known reference to the property is in 1607 when the property was sold for £160. The property changed hands several times, and in 1802 came into possession of the Arnold Family who also gave their name to Arnold's Farm.

From the 1841 census we can see that, at that time, the property was a smallholding. The property remained a smallholding up to and including the 1861 census. But by 1871 the property had become The Peeping Tom Beerhouse. So the property became a beerhouse sometime between 1861 and 1871.

There have been claims that The Peeping Tom was originally opened to provide refreshments for workers constructing the Kenilworth to Berkswell railway. However, according to the Greenway Trust website, that railway was not built until 1882-1884, so the Peeping Tom Beerhouse predates the railway by at least a decade.

The Peeping Tom in 1910.

The pub sign on the tree, which may be difficult to read, says 'Peeping Tom by E Cox'.

The caption on this photo stated 'Early 1900s', though the photo must be later than 1910, as this is clearly a different building to the 1910 photo (just above). This is probably 1920s.

In the late 1930s.

The 1939 census tells us that the landlord was then Herbert Cowley.

This photo shows his daughter Amy, and wife Grace, standing outside, with Bert Cowley at the window.

Also in the late 1930s.

Bert Cowley is 2nd from the right in this photo.

When Bert Cowley retired, the pub was managed by Amy Cowley and her husband, Charles Aston.

Early 1940s, the Crown Green Bowling Team.

In 1972, after the construction of a brand new building.

This photo was provided by Rick Jowett.
From left to right: John Pinkerton, Vi Cooper (cook), 
John Hanley, Bob Cooper, Joe Naylor (Barman), Colin Parkyn

Staff and customers in the late 1970s.

An aerial view in 2005...

About Peeping Tom

Guinever Maying - by John Collier
Peeping Tom is a character in the story of Lady Godiva. The ride was formerly part of a pagan ritual, possibly a May Day procession, where Tom was the consort of the pagan goddess. When Coventry was Christianised, the story was revised, to its present form. The following quote comes from British History Online Lady Godiva:

"Elements in the Godiva legend and other traditions relating to Coventry provide clues as to the nature of the original cult although any reconstruction must, in the absence of positive proof, remain conjectural. The naked woman with long hair, riding in a springtime procession, is the one constant factor in all variations of the legend and represents a goddess of fertility.  The tabu element of the Peeping Tom story may be a genuine part of the original myth, recalling similar penalties for those who intruded on the forbidden rites of other fertility goddesses. Like the intruder in other tabu stories, however, Peeping Tom may have played a more positive part in the ritual, as the priest-king, the consort of the goddess who was sacrificed to ensure the fertility of the crops and herds, and well-being of the community."

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Horse Race Night 1st April 2017

Saturday 1st April 2017
at 7.30pm
Come and have a fun night out at the races
at Burton Green Village Hall


(not film) ride your own horse!
simple tote

First race 7.45

Tickets £7.50 includes light supper and nibbles
BYO Drink and glasses

Enquiries and tickets from Jill 02476462070 email davidline@onetel.com
Or any other village hall committee member

Friday, 17 March 2017

Bugle - March 2017

The March 2017 edition of the Bugle has been published.

Just below are thumbnails of the page images. To enlarge any page image, click on the thumbnail below. Once you have the individual page, you may also need to click on the magnifying glass in your browser, where you can view the page at its original size...

The text of the Chair's Report has also been added to the Residents' Association page,

The archive of back issues of the Bugle is here: Bugle Archive.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Coventry Local Plan Consultation

This concerns the proposed housing development within the Coventry City boundary at the Northern end of Cromwell Lane. There will be a drop in session held at the Xcel Leisure Centre Youth Room, Mitchell Avenue (off Charter Avenue), on Friday 24 March, 4pm – 7.30pm.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Minutes of Residents' Association Committee Meeting March 7th 2017


Dianne Adams, Trish Hancock, Judi Hibberd; Janet Hickinbottom; Bron Putnam; Diane Swindells, Faith Ward and Mary Webb.

In attendance: Cllr Caryll Green

1. Apologies

Apologies had been received from Rona Taylor and Hilary Cox

Summary of actions following the meetingResponsible
Approach PC for full costs of Bugle printingRona
Invite community beat officer to meet with BGRA and PC representatives to discuss parking problemsRona
Ideas for commemoration of Armistice DayAll
Find out availability of Salvation Army Band for above commemorationJudi
Copies of dementia leaflet and article for next BugleCllr Green
Invite a speaker about dementia to the Residents’ lunchMary
Consider joining PC in the futureAll
Cllr Whitehouse leaving event invitationsJudi and Janet
Begin collecting subscriptions and selling bin stickersAll
Donation to choirDianne
£200 loan to Jubilee CommitteeDianne
Query replacement road sign Cromwell LaneRona
Publication of village loop informationMary
Broadwells Wood hedge reinstatement queryCllr Green

Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting of January 17th 2017 were approved.

Matters Arising from the previous minutes

Approach PC for full costs of Bugle printing: Rona had not yet pursued this but would do so.
Action: Rona

Bank statement to be passed to Dianne: completed

Water problem and repairing damage in Red Lane: there had been an interesting presentation from Severn Trent.

Community compensation: £500 had been received from Severn Trent and £200 from Western Power. It did not appear that individuals were eligible for compensation.

School to be added to Village email loop: completed

2. Treasurer's Report

A report had been circulated. Dianne went through the report explaining that income had been received from Western Power and Severn Trent and for the speed gun calibration. So far £40 had been paid in for bin stickers purchased.

The only expenditure related to thank you gifts for those involved in the erection and maintenance of the Christmas tree and for the printing of the Bugle.

Thanks were given to Dianne.

3. Residents' views/concerns

Parking on pavements: Some damage had been caused to a car which had parked on the pavement during a children’s party at the Village Hall. Comments had then been made on Facebook. The Village Hall committee had responded to this and had put up signs asking visitors not to park on the pavements in the vicinity.

Rona had agreed to invite the new community beat officer to meet with the Parish Council and BGRA.
Action: Rona

The September 2016 Bugle had requested people not to park on the pavements.
Hickory’s Smokehouse had extended its car park and had asked people to use this rather than blocking pavements.

It was felt there was little more to do except remain vigilant.

4. Update on and discussion of Residents' Association initiatives and issues
  • Lunch for retired of Burton Green, March 31st. Diane and Mary were organizing this at a price of £7:50 per head.
  • Rona had circulated the following:
Crest Nicholson who hope to build 425 houses (with up to 40% affordable) on Westwood Heath Rd contacted the Residents’ Association to explain their plans. Mary and I met them on Feb 15th and pointed out that, whilst we were happy to listen to what they had to say, the RA’s position on housing is neutral and we leave housing decisions to the PC.  
Crest Nicholson say they are keen to engage with the community of BG and have a provisional arrangement for an exhibition at the VH April 5th &6th following the inspector’s report which is due in March. They hope to submit plans in May, secure this permission by May 2018 and begin building within 9-18 months. Phase 1 would be 120-125 houses in the north end of the allocated land.  
Crest Nicholson say they take pride in place making, community building and quality. They have a mature strategic site In Daventry which we could visit and are currently building in Balsall Common where we could visit a show home. 
We talked about the Community Infrastructure Levy from which BG could benefit; this is £80 - £110 per square metre and Crest Nicholson expressed an interest in supporting the School and the VH. They are committed to building a shop on the site and want to provide a physical connection with Cromwell Lane through a current right of way.
Mary and Rona had visited the site in Balsall Common. A brochure was circulated showing a variety of housing types. The Community Levy might amount to between £1.5m to £4.5m but this would be paid to the Council who would be responsible for its use. Cllr Green said Burton Green should receive a proportion. It was expected that the building of 425 houses would begin in March 2018.
  • Commemoration of Armistice Day Sunday November 11th 1918: ideas were sought for this occasion. A beacon was suggested, a band (Judi would ask the Village Choirmaster about the Salvation Army) or a march.  Committee members were asked to come to the next meeting with further ideas. Action Judi and All
  • Community clean up: this would take place on Sunday March 19th.

5. Village Hall
  • The issue of parking had already been discussed.
  • HS2 and new Village Hall: No formal agreement had yet been received from HS2. Carter Jonas had drawn up a valuation and recommended acceptance by HS2 but HS2 have to go to governance. HS2 was still pushing for the Village Hall committee to go for planning permission. The new hall plans reflected the need to be generous which is what the Select Committee had advocated.
  • There was to be a community funding meeting on March 21st at which BGRA, Parish Council and Village Hall representatives would convene to discuss such matters as the landscaping of the rest of the field.
  • Pershore College students had done an assignment about the landscaping of the site and their ideas would be considered, though the costs were likely to be prohibitive.
  • The Village Hall committee would need to talk to the neighbours of the new site once plans had been finalised. The new hall needed to be completed by 2018. 
  • In response to a question, Diane said solar panels were planned but not solar tiles. Many green measures were being incorporated.
  • Very difficult conversations had been held regarding the mains sewer.
Thanks were given to Diane and it was agreed the situation was very frustrating.

6. HS2 Opposition Group

No one was available to comment.

7. Parish Councillor's Report
  • Cllr Green said the Parish Council (PC) was looking at a Village and Neighbourhood Design Statement which would involve extensive consultation. A  Steering Group was to be created with representatives from the whole village. Details had been published in the current edition of the Bugle.
  • Cala Homes planned to submit detailed planning permission for the Burrows Hill site in late spring with a view to start building in 2018 and they had requested a meeting with the PC. It was hoped to include BGRA.
  • There was a house in Cromwell Lane which appeared to be in the process of total demolition. Permission had been given for an addition at the rear. Planning department enforcement would only get involved once the demolition was down to ground level.
  • The PC Chair was very busy fighting against probable major developments including the 240 proposed houses adjoining the station, the Crest Nicholson site already discussed plus the Burrows Hill site. These developments would have a major impact on the traffic in the village. The various inspectors' reports were now awaited.
  • Cllr Green asked who might be interested in joining PC in the future and asked committee members and others to consider this. Action: All 
  • Cllrs Taylor and Green went to a meeting on living with dementia and caring for people with dementia. Dementia Friends were sought. Leaflets were available and Cllr Green would obtain more copies for distribution and write something for the Bugle. Action: Cllr Green
  • Mary had added information to the Bugle about the dementia café held at the Kenilworth Centre. Could someone speak at the Residents' lunch? Action: Mary 
  • The committee had been sorry to learn that Cllr John Whitehouse had decided not to stand for re-election in May. He had been a very good friend indeed to Burton Green.  It was agreed to purchase a gift for him and to invite him to receive it at the start of the next committee meeting (7pm May 9th) when refreshments would be available and representatives from the school and the Village Hall committee would be asked to attend. Action: Judi and Janet

8.  Any Other Business
  • Rona had received a letter from a former Burton Green resident who had been born at Westwood Farm in 1942.
  •  Residents’ subscriptions were to be collected from now onwards and the bin stickers offered for sale. Action: All
  • It was agreed that of the £700 “compensation” received from Western Power and Severn Trent, some would be used to buy the gift for John Whitehouse and £50 would be donated to the Village choir. The remainder would be held for future plans such as the village plan. Action: Dianne
  • Mary explained that additional insurance had to be taken out to cover the next Jubilee Committee event on June 10th to be held at Long Meadow Farm. This was necessitated because of the presence of a pond. Mary asked if the committee could have a loan of £200 for the insurance and this would be paid back from the entry cost. This was agreed. Action: Dianne
  • Committee members were reminded of the choir concert (with Pimms and puddings) on Friday May 19th.
  • Cllr Green pointed out that the Cromwell Lane sign opposite Hodgetts Lane needed replacing and asked if Rona could approach her council contacts. Action Rona
  • It was requested that every edition of the Bugle contained information about how to get onto the village email loop. It was suggested this information also be provided for the PC website and a request made to John Webb to add it to his website. Action: Mary
  • A question was asked about the hedge reinstatement at Broadwells Wood as it had been part of the planning permission. Cllr Green would raise this at the next PC meeting. Action: Cllr Green
  • Was there any progress with the warden’s shelter in Red Lane? The PC had been asked but no decision had been reached yet. What would the cost be to prune the ivy and make good the brickwork?
  • A comment was made on the lovely fencing round the playground in Red Lane.
  • When a query was raised about a pothole outside school, information was provided that Solihull MBC had put cones around it and the PC had agreed to pursue the matter.

9. Date, time and venue of Next Meeting

The next meeting would take place on Tuesday May 9th 2017.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

HS2 Home Owner Payment Scheme Clarification

A resident has asked HS2 to clarify the Homeowner Payment Scheme. A leaflet about this scheme was sent out to affected residents after the Bill's Ascent. This is HS2's response:
"To be eligible for Homeowner Payment Scheme launched for the Phase 1 part of the route last month, your property would need to be within the homeowner payment zone.  
However, please note if your property is within both RSZ and HOP zone it is not possible to claim the cash offer and a homeowner payment. We will only make one payment under these discretionary property schemes.

I can confirm that if the line were to move after a resident received a homeowner payment, they would not be required to pay back the money. 
The only time we might want this money back is if a resident subsequently applied to the Need to Sell scheme and were successful, in which case we would recoup the homeowner payment by deducting the value from the Need to Sell offer price.

Further information on the Homeowner Payment Scheme can be found at the following link: https://www.gov.uk/claim-compensation-if-affected-by-hs2/homeowner-payment-scheme, or if you have further queries you can contact our Helpdesk on 020 7944 4908 or by email at HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk. "

The map below shows payment zones for the Western part of Burton Green (Cromwell Lane) and Berkswell. You can enlarge the map by clicking the image, and you can then zoom in further using your browser. This map will enlarge to 83cm wide, so you can see the complete detail:

And this is a similar map which covers the Eastern part of Burton Green (Red Lane):

For your convenience, details from those maps showing Cromwell Lane and Red Lane are shown below (you can enlarge the Cromwell Lane map to full screen size by clicking on it, and then zoom in further using your browser to see closer detail):

Affected properties in Red Lane are shown here:

Legend to Maps

An extended 25-page version of the HS2 leaflet, complete with an application form, is here:

For your interest, these are the pages of the 4-page application form. You can click each page to enlarge: